E-Leadership: Separating the reality from the hype

By Mary Lynn Pulley & John W. Fleenor
Center for Creative Leadership

Valerie I Sessa
Montclair State University


Technology’s reputation for revolution has taken a hit. The belief that the digital age is negating all the old ways of doing business is no longer de rigueur. Yet executives say that the ways in which work is done and organized are changing radically and will continue to do so-a notion that has many implications for the practice of leadership.


Pulley, Mary L., Sessa, V. I., Fleenor, J. W., & Pohlmann, T. (2001). E-Leadership: Separating the reality from the hype. Leadership in Action, 21(4), 3-6. https://doi.org/10.1002/lia.2


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