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Friday, October 7
2:00pm Eastern Daylight Time
Can Leadership Development Programs Make Leaders Wiser?

Philosophers and psychologists alike have long theorized about the definition, measurement, value, and development of wisdom. While difficult to precisely define, few would argue with the notion that like love, intelligence, and goodwill, one cannot have too much wisdom. If wisdom carries so much benefit, how can we develop wisdom in our leaders? Using Sternberg’s Balance Theory of Wisdom as a framework, this session will highlight key results from text analysis of open-ended comments obtained from Center for Creative Leadership’s post-participation 360 evaluation data. Specific questions to be explored include, among others, (a) Do the comments of leaders themselves reflect improvement in wisdom? (b) Do comments of those who work with the leader (i.e., “others”) indicate improvement in wisdom? and (c) what are potential correlates of improvement in wisdom? Results of the analyses will be shared via PowerPoint slides as well as conclusions and recommendations for future research.

 Presentation, Online Room 4
CCL Presenters:  Stephen Jeong, Ramya Balakrishna, Sol Bukin


Thursday, October 6
8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time
2022 Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award Winner

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is pleased to partner with International Leadership Association (ILA) on the Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award. The award is named in honor of the distinguished scholar and former Chief Executive Officer of CCL and recognizes unpublished student papers on leadership or leadership development. Recipients are honored during the conference and invited to give a talk on their work at ILA’s global conference.

CCL selected Suyang Ye as the 2022 Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award winner for her paper, Investigating Boundary Conditions for Shared Leadership – Team Performance Relationship: A Team Leadership Coordination Perspective.

Shared leadership is believed to be beneficial for team effectiveness. Researchers, however, have not always found positive effects. We suggest that scholarly attention should not merely focus on optimizing team input for shared leadership, but also considers leaders’ coordination during shared leadership. The present research identifies expertise recognition accuracy and task-knowledge coordination as important leaders’ coordination contingencies that strengthen the effects of shared leadership on team performance. Our study helps resolve theoretical controversies about whether shared leadership influences team performance and provides empirical and practical insights into how leadership coordination can drive higher team performance during shared leadership.

Presentation, Online Room 4
Presenters:  Suyang Ye, Zhejiang Gongshang University & Teng Zhao, Auburn University

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