This year’s annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologist (SIOP) is in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference will be held entirely virtually, offering an expanded schedule of live synchronous sessions, plenaries, workshops, alongside a rich array of asynchronous sessions for convenient on-demand viewing.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the work place. The specialty focuses on deriving principles of individual, group and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to the solution of problems at work. Typical attendees include faculty, researchers, graduate students, business owners, and consultants.

Wednesday, April 14
1:00 AM

Sink or Swim: Maximizing the Impact of 360-degree Feedback in Leader Development

A leader’s feedback environment (FES) is proposed to prepare leaders for a 360-degree feedback leadership development program (360 LDP). Feedback orientation (FBO) and self-awareness (SA) are proposed to interact with a favorable FES to result in better post-program outcomes. Results suggest that FES, FBO, and SA, as well as the interaction between FES and SA predicted positive 360 LDP outcomes.

Poster, Poster Room B, Program Number 154
CCL Presenter: Stephen F Young


Friday, April 16
12:30 PM

Leader Identity Development: Future Directions for Research and Practice

This session will explore the current research related to leader identity development, suggest future research directions, and discuss the importance of leader identity development in practice. Panelists will answer questions themed around measurement issues, interventions, leader identity development among women and minority leaders, and implications for the workplace.

Panel Discussion, Room 8, Program Number 089
CCL Presenter: Stephanie Wormington


1:30 PM

Feedback on Fire! Hot New Ideas to Get People to Love Feedback as Much as We Do

Presenters will share innovative feedback techniques they have tested in their work and research. The session draws on empirical research and evidence-based best practices to share realistic and high impact ideas for moving the needle on feedback behavior in organizations, such as leveraging technology, making feedback forward looking, and using behavioral “nudges” to encourage real-time feedback.

Ingite, Room 9, Program number 100
CCL Presenter: Stephen F. Young


On-Demand April 14 – May 7

Novel Approaches to Organizational Feedback

Uncertainty is rising as organizations are growing in complexity and roles are becoming more flexible. Feedback can reduce uncertainty and promote development; however, evidence suggests traditional feedback approaches are often unsuccessful in today’s dynamic organizations. This panel assembles experts to discuss novel feedback approaches that have been successfully enacted in organizations.

Panel Discussion, Prerecorded, Program Number 169
CCL Presenter: Stephen F. Young


For more information on the conference, visit the SIOP 2021 website.