We in research and innovation at the Center for Creative Leadership believe that we can better meet the needs of our audience if we have a place where we can put research discoveries, beta tests of new products, and publications such as Research Insights publications, links to academic articles, research reports, media applications of our work, and discoveries that are new and therefore not yet embedded in CCL’s portfolio.

Therefore, CCL has put together a website focused solely on this work. Not what we sell, just on what we are thinking and testing. And that is this site.

To answer the standard who what where when how why questions:

Who . . . is the site for? The site is for anyone who is interested in CCL’s research and innovation efforts, including beta tests of products, information on recent discoveries, current project updates, what researchers at CCL are thinking about leadership and how current events tied to leadership, and for anyone who wants to be able to find any and all research CCL has done since its inception on any subject we have addressed.

What . . . what will the site include? The site will include links to research papers, updates on innovation, beta tests of new products, new research insights, CCL’s library of research, and anything else the researchers create that they believe will be useful to people outside of CCL.

Where . . . will the site be?  If you found this article, you’ve likely found the site. If you found this article somewhere other than the site, the site with all of the research and innovation goodies can be found at: cclinnovation.org.  The site is also connected to CCL’s primary site, where you can find all of CCL’s programs, products, and services.

When . . . in time does the site cover?  The material on the site includes research and innovation material as far back as we can find it, up to the current day. While we are unlikely to post new information every day (that’s a ton of work and this is being maintained by research staff rather than a web team), we will post research insights, articles, beta tests, innovation activities, and other new information as frequently as we can. Our intention is to keep all of the information created by research and innovation here, because we recognize that people often want to go back in time to look at what was learned about leadership in the past.

How . . . can you find the information you want?  If you’re looking for new innovation information or beta tests, go to the Innovate tab.  If you want to work with us on innovation or research, go to the Collaborate tab.  If you want to see what’s new, go to the News tab.  And if you want to see what we’ve been discovering about leadership, what current projects are, or what we’re thinking generally, go to the Research tab.  If you’re looking for research or knowledge on specific subjects, go to the Library of CCL Research section in the Research tab, and there you will see both the most recent research insights and papers, as well as a way to search all past research that has been loaded into this website.

Why . . . are you creating this?  At CCL, our mission isn’t just to improve leaders through development programs. Our mission is also to improve leadership for the benefit of society worldwide through providing access to our knowledge to all who are interested – regardless of their ability to buy our services.  We feel very strongly that people everywhere should be able to find out what we are discovering, benefit from what we have learned, and partner with us to increase and expand humankind’s knowledge of leadership. We see this website as one way we can further that mission.