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We’re using novel approaches to research that produce insights to impact leadership worldwide.

Collective Leadership

Teams and Collective Leadership

Exploring myths around teams, changing team dynamics, and predictors of team effectiveness.

Differences Across Teams and Team Members

Understanding individual and group differences in relationships, psychological safety, and representation.

Network Approaches to Leadership

Assessing the power of relationships between individuals, within teams, and across groups.

Data Innovations and Methodological Advances

Topological Data Analysis

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms to model nuanced relationships between leadership constructs.

Deep Learning Modeling

Pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and analytic approaches to model critical questions in leadership.

Fostering Data Intelligence and Data Fluency

Building individual and organizational skills to explore the power of data for insight and change.

Topic Modeling

Identifying themes for topics ranging from leadership challenges to corporate equity commitments.

Qualitative Approaches

Identifying the best tools and systems for collecting qualitative data that in turn, provides an easier process for analyzing and reporting data.

Analytics to Pinpoint Leadership Development Needs

Using predictive analytics to identify which leadership behaviors are most likely to drive improvement in critical outcomes and maximize ROI.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Women’s Leadership and Citizenship Behaviors

Addressing the societal and contextual biases affecting women in leadership, while highlighting actionable steps for change.

Derailment and Personality

Exploring the role of personality traits and biases in explaining derailing leaders’ behaviors.

Breaking the Class Ceiling

Investigating the role of financial security and social class for perceptions, barriers, and opportunities in leadership.

Corporate Communications and Action

Interrogating how organizations articulate, plan, and follow through on commitments to creating equitable and inclusive cultures.

Emerging Leaders and Global Leadership

Identifying what young people around the globe want and need most to feel empowered as leaders.

Documenting Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Examining potential biases in data and data science algorithms used in leadership models and new product development.

Impact and Evaluation

Measuring Leadership Development Impact

Applying new frameworks for measuring the impact of leadership development that go beyond individual and business impact to include societal level outcomes, and reassessing what results matter most.

Evaluating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Collecting data before, during and after programs, to uncover new insights about what is most effective at helping leaders, and their organizations advance in their EDI journeys.

Effectiveness of “Non-Traditional” Leadership Development

Gathering data from thousands of leaders across the globe to learn about the effectiveness of new approaches to leadership development (e.g., virtual leadership development, digital apps).

Measurement for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Journeys

Developing tools to drive organizations’ data-driven decisions for their EDI culture change journeys.

Internal Learning Journeys

Focusing an inward lens to document, reflect, and spur action related to internal culture change and continuous improvement.

Automation Processes for Just-in-time Feedback

Leveraging the latest technology for automating and streamlining leadership feedback processes.