Always Asking the Bigger Question

We do the groundwork to fuel the leaders of tomorrow. Our research has generated innovations in experience-driven development, training programs, coaching, and assessments by asking fresh and significant questions.

A Question

We start with a curiosity and the drive to turn that curiosity into the next big idea in leadershp.

Where It Goes

The question is translated into deliberate and actionable research design. Check out what we are working on now.

The Results

Once an idea become a reality, it starts impacting the leadership development landscape. But how?

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Our work is published in a variety of forms directed to leaders, talent development practitioners, scholars, and the popular media.

Research Partners

Various constituencies are involved in our research including clients, practitioners, scholars, and leaders. These partners define questions, provide organization research access, and give us their best thinking.

Our Experts

We’re not just people with a passion for furthering leadership, we’re experts with a drive to learn and create.

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Micela Leis

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