High hurdles: The challenge of executive self-development

By Robert E. Kaplan, Wilfred H. Drath, & Joan R. Kofodimos
Center for Creative Leadership


This report is about self-developmentā€”the efforts of the executive to improve himself or herself, efforts that other people may well aid or hinder. By self-development we mean the conscious, deliberate effort to come to terms with one’s limitations. We do not mean the kind of development that springs almost automatically from the new experiences that bring out latent abilities in the executive. We are also not concerned here with the considerable development executives have undergone on their way up. Our interest is in self-aware, self-directed improvement once managers have reached the highest levels.


Kaplan, R. E., Drath, W. H., & Kofodimos, J. R. (1985). High hurdles: The challenge of executive self-development (Technical Report No. 25). Center for Creative Leadership. https://doi.org/10.35613/ccl.1985.1084

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