CCL Labs webinar: Introducing Leadership Context Explorer

CCL Labs Webinar recording: Introducing Leadership Context Explorer

Watch the recording of the this CCL Labs webinar and find out about the Leadership Context Explorer! This presentation was given on Feb 15, 2021.

CCL sees leadership as a social process that produces Direction, Alignment and Commitment (DAC). Leadership gets produced by a individuals (or ‘me’) in a collective (we refer to as ‘us’). But there is also a context in which DAC is happening (and we refer to as ‘it’). Register and join us for a free webinar where CCL Labs presents a model and beta tool to assess the context in which we lead according to 6 dimensions. The leadership context typically gets more challenging when it is perceived as more Disengaging (eg. causing stress), more Important (eg urgency of the work), less Familiar (eg. new situations), less Engaging (eg. fun), more Complex (eg. unpredictable) and more Threatening (eg. crisis).

Situation Taxonomy

Our CCL Leadership Labs beta tool now includes 3 surveys as well. You can try them out through this link:

  • it: Context Explorer survey – go through the 18 questions and see how your context scores on the 6 dimensions of the taxonomy, and compare it to the whole CCL Labs community
  • us: DAC survey – go through the 12 questions and see how direction, alignment and commitment score in your team, and compare it to the whole CCL Labs community
  • me: Leadership Versatility survey – go through 15 scenarios and see how you score on behaving as a Player, Coach, Manager and Leader, and compare it to the whole CCL Labs community

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