Stronger Together: Let’s Lead More Inclusively in Business Schools

By Janaki Gooty &  Scott Tonidandel
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Enric N. Ruggs
University of Houston

Herman Aguinis
The George Washington University

Diane M. Bergeron
Center for Creative Leadership

Lillian T. Eby
University of Georgia

Daan van Knippenberg
Rice University

Corinne Post
Villanova University

Deborah E. Rupp
George Mason University

Sherry M.B. Thatcher
University of Tennessee

Francis J. Yammarino
Binghampton University, State University of New York


Along with several esteemed management scholars, CCL’s Senior Research Scientist Diane Bergeron joins the call for more women in business school leadership. This editorial highlights three systemic challenges (i.e., a masculine social structure, muddled performance appraisal practices, and the underrepresentation of research topics that affect women) preventing women from accessing leadership roles. Several actionable solutions for deans, department chairs, journal editors and professional associations are suggested.


Gooty, J., Ruggs, E. N., Aguinis, H., Bergeron, D. M., Eby, L. T., van Knippenberg, D., Post, C., Rupp, D. E., Thatcher, S. M. B., Tonidandel, S., & Yammarino, F. J. (2023). Stronger together: A call for gender-inclusive leadership in business schools. Journal of Management, 0(0).


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