CCL Labs webinar Nov 9: Cognitive Distortions Explorer

Cognitive Distortions Explorer

On Nov 9 2020, CCL researcher Katya Fernandez will host a free CCL Labs webinar to present her research on Cognitive Distortions.

CCL research has shed light on important relationships between cognitive distortions (i.e., systematic thought patterns that distort perceptions of reality, especially under stress) and important workplace outcomes, such as burnout. This same research has explored how emotion regulation strategies can help leaders manage cognitive distortions in the workplace, which may be particularly helpful given the uncertainty and challenges faced by leaders in today’s world. In this webinar, Katya Fernandez will provide a brief overview of cognitive distortions and emotion regulation strategies in leaders. She will also introduce the Cognitive Distortions Explorer, a new card deck activity set that focuses on introducing cognitive distortions, emotion regulation strategies (specifically cognitive reappraisal and cognitive defusion), and how to apply emotion regulation strategies to cognitive distortions.

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