How to prevent overwork from killing productivity

By Marian N. Ruderman, Jennifer J. Deal, & Cathleen Clerkin
Center for Creative Leadership


Profitability is the holy grail of most organizations. Organizations want to have better margins so they can increase their footprint, invest in their future, and attract investors. However, organizations working to improve their profitability by expecting people to work too much may find themselves on the wrong side of the expense curve—because while doing more with less is not always bad for the bottom line, overextending employees often is. In addition to discussing the psychological toll of technology, this paper describes how: (1) the lack of recovery reduces profitability, (2) to improve productivity through recovery practices, and (3) to implement recovery practices in organizations.


Ruderman, M., Clerkin, C., & Deal, J.J. (2017). How to prevent overwork from killing productivity [White paper]. Center for Creative Leadership.

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