The impact of 360-degree feedback on planning for career development

By Stéphane Brutus & Jennifer Martineau
Center for Creative Leadership

Manuel London
State University of New York at Stoney Brook


This study focused on the relationship between 360‐degree (multi‐source) survey feedback to managers and subsequent selection of development goals. We hypothesized that performance ratings would be negatively related to setting development goals, that supervisor ratings would have a greater effect than ratings from peers or subordinates in the selection of developmental goals, and that self‐other discrepancies would be related to goal selection. Data from 2,163 managers showed that multi‐source feedback contributed to the selection of developmental goals. However, contrary to expectations, subordinate ratings were most important to goal setting compared to ratings from any other sources. Direct feedback itself affected goal selection, not its relationship to self‐perceptions. For several goals, the relationship between performance ratings and goal selection was stronger for lower level managers. Implications of the results for the practice of 360‐degree feedback and related research are discussed.


Brutus, S., London, M., & Martineau, J. (1999). The impact of 360‐degree feedback on planning for career development. Journal of Management Development, 18(8), 676–693.


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