Happy 2021! Here are 5 free exercises to make you reflect on the year ahead!

Try out these digital card exercises

Thank you for being part of the CCL innovation community!
As an early New Year’s gift we have prepared 5 free exercises for you to explore the year ahead.

    1. Me in the Year 2021: pick a Visual Explorer image that represents you in the year 2021.
    2. A Quote to Live by in 2021: generate random quotes from our Wisdom Explorer deck until you find your quote to live by in 2021.
    3. How We Want to Collaborate in 2021: select and order your top 3 cards from Collaboration Explorer on how to collaborate in 2021
  1. How I Want to Learn in 2021: sort the Transformation catalyst cards in piles and discover paper writing service the catalyst experiences you’ll go after in 2021.
  2. Refresher of the Leadership Essentials: remind yourself of the Leadership Essentials models and tools and reflect on which you’ll need most in 2021.

Best wishes from the CCL Labs team!

PS These exercises were made with the CCL Leadership Labs app

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