Reputational change among managers

By Robert Zinko
University of Newcastle

William A. Gentry
Center for Creative Leadership

Angela Hall
Michigan State University

Gary L. Grant


Interest in the effect that individuals’ reputations have on their careers has increased in the literature and popular news media. In these examinations, questions arise regarding the difficulties in changing an individual’s reputation. If an individual presents a negative “first impression,” are they saddled with a harmful reputation for her tenure at an organization and beyond? Are individuals able to intentionally alter (i.e., improve) their reputations; if so, can they make these changes in a timely manner by simply changing their behaviors? The study attempts to answer these questions by examining the reputation of 498 focal-managers attending a leadership development program that partially focused on changing behaviors in the workplace…


Zinko, R., Gentry, W. A., Hall, A., & Grant, G. L. (2012). Reputational change among managers. Journal of Managerial Issues, 24(1), 9–26.


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