What makes an effective leader? Generations in South Africa weigh in

By Jennifer Deal, Sarah Stawiski, Simon Rweyongoza, Kristin Cullen, & Bill Gentry
Center for Creative Leadership


Common wisdom suggests that the generations in South Africa are fundamentally different from one another. Based on these apparent differences, assumptions are made that the presence of young people in the workplace will result in a substantial upheaval within organisations. This research, based on data from 289 respondents native to South Africa, shows that organisations should focus on helping all leaders learn how to be more participative, humane-oriented, charismatic, and team-oriented, and to be less autonomous and hierarchical, which people of all generations will appreciate.


Deal, J., Stawiski, S., Rweyongoza, S., Cullen, K., & Gentry, B. (2013). What makes a leader effective? Generations in South Africa weigh in [White paper]. Center for Creative Leadership. https://doi.org/10.35613/ccl.2013.2032

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