CCL Labs survey: we need more trust, less executive image!

What are the essential competencies for success in a post-covid19 world?

We are wondering what the essential competencies are for future success, in a post-covid19 world, so we asked the CCL Labs community.

A few weeks ago we invited you all to do a Competency Modeling card sort exercise. We wanted to know the wisdom of the CCL Labs crowd on the question: What are the competencies needed for success in a post-covid19 world? The results are in!

We got 37 answers in (5 from financial services industry, 3 from healthcare, 1 from government, 9 from schools/non-profit, and 19 others).

These are the overall results: the top 3 competencies are Trust, Resilience and Credibility & Integrity. The bottom 3 are: Executive Image, Global Team Management and Business & Professional Knowledge.

You can find an analysis of the top 10 (green) and bottom 10 (red) through different lenses in this document.

Resources to learn more:

  • Compass book and tools

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