CCL Labs webinar: Beating the Odds for Women in STEM

CCL Labs Webinar on March 17: Beating the Odds – Winning Strategies for Women in STEM

Join us for this free CCL Labs webinar where author Kelly Simmons discusses what she learned while writing “Beating the Odds”.

The book puts you in the shoes of women who have risen to success in the STEM field — and shares strategies to help technical women overcome these barriers, beat the odds, and find personal and professional success. Aiming to inspire and empower, Beating the Odds highlights real-life success stories of technical women who made it. This book explores critical turning points that make or break careers and provides tools for putting insight into action — both for women and organizations supporting them. Beating the Odds shares the challenges and triumphs of women in STEM and the often frustrating barriers they face in the workplace. Barriers that those of us — women and men — who support their advancement are all too familiar with. These are the experiences, in their own words, of female engineers and scientists who beat the odds to advance to director, vice president, or C-level engineering, technical, and scientific positions.

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