Visual Explorer & the Tao

This beautiful message this morning comes to us from our CCL colleague Harvey Chen. Thank you Harvey!

“Hi Chuck and David,

I am pleased to share with you an amazing experience using Visual Explorer. Last week I used Visual Explorer at my college class reunion at the occasion of the 123th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The theme was to share one lesson of experience each person for the years after graduating from college. One classmate by the named of Yongjun Liu, a self-made poet (we were all trained as naval engineers in college), picked the rice-planting VE card to represent his Zen-polarity insight, and made the connection between his insight, the VE card, and a classic Chinese poem written by a Monk Qici of Liang Dynasty over 1,000 years ago. That was a powerful and artistic sharing. What a perfect match between the VE card and the poem!

I attach the card image, the poem in Chinese and my translation in the attached file for your information.”

A painting of women picking rice in a field
The rice planting song in Chinese and English

Best regards,


Harvey Chen, PhD  陈朝晖
Chairman of the Board of Advisors
Center for Creative Leadership Greater China CCL 创新领导力中心(大中华区)

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