Building leadership resilience: The CORE framework

By Katya Fernandez, Marian Ruderman
Center for Creative Leadership

Cathleen Clerkin


CORE (COmprehensive REsilience) is an integrated framework for cultivating resilience in leaders. The framework is focused on four areas (physical, mental, emotional, and social) and takes a whole-self approach to resilience by developing a diverse set of responses to change and disruption. This paper reviews eight practices designed to help build resilience within the CORE framework: sleep, physical activity, mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal, savoring, gratitude, social connection, and social contact. These practices were selected because there is empirical evidence of their effectiveness specifically in leaders and because they are simple, both in nature and in how they can integrated into daily life. Each practice review also includes tips for how to incorporate these practices into daily life.


Fernandez, K., Clerkin, C. & Ruderman, M. (2020). Building leadership resilience: The CORE framework. Center for Creative Leadership.

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