Tired at work: A roadblock to effective leadership

By Cathleen Clerkin, Marian Ruderman, & Elena Svetieva
Center for Creative Leadership


The science is more and more clear: sleep matters to mental, physical, and emotional health. This paper presents results from Center for Creative Leadership research on leaders’ sleep patterns and what these patterns tell us about organizational factors affecting sleep. Survey results reveal leaders do not sleep enough, but some struggle more than others do. Leaders would like to get more sleep, but work often keeps them awake. Leaders do not sleep differently from other people, but they are assumed to sleep less. The role organizations can play making improvements is also discussed.


Clerkin. C., Ruderman, R., & Svetieva, E. (2017). Tired at work: A roadblock to effective leadership [White paper]. Center for Creative Leadership. https://doi.org/10.35613/ccl.2017.1010

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