Labs@CCL presents “A Benchmark Study of Digitally Enabled Assessment & Development Tools”

Webinar: A Benchmark Study of Digitally Enabled Assessment & Development Tools

This recorded webinar shares the results of a recent research study. We share which digitally enabled assessment and development tools organizations currently use and where they plan to invest in the future. We discuss reported barriers to implementation, including cost, organizational buy-in, and privacy concerns. We also highlight real examples of how organizations apply these tools to enable continuous, on-the-job development.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  1. Current organizational trends regarding the use of digitally-enabled assessment & development tools.

  2. Examples of how organizations apply these tools in organizations—and their pros and cons

  3. CCL’s forecast around how these tools will transform the field of leadership development and analytics.

  4. A benchmarking resource to help shape your organization’s own practices.

Resources to Apply the Learning:

What’s Next
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