Evaluating the impact of leadership development – 2nd Edition

By Tracy Patterson, Sarah Stawiski, Kelly Hannum, Heather Champion, & Holly Downs
Center for Creative Leadership


Driving impact while managing resources are what most organizations strive to balance in their leadership-development efforts. Evaluation provides a practical framework for gathering and making sense of information to better manage resources while assessing the success of leadership-development efforts. This second edition of Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development is a practical guide for human-resource professionals, consultants, managers, employees, and volunteers who have leadership-development or evaluation responsibilities in their organizations and want to enhance their practice and demonstrate the value of their work.


Patterson, T. E., Stawiski, S., Hannum, K. M., Champion, H., & Downs, H. (2017). Evaluating the impact of leadership development. Center for Creative Leadership. https://doi.org/10.35613/ccl.2017.2037

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