Pandemic paradoxes and how they affect your workers

By Jean Leslie
Center for Creative Leadership


COVID-19 pandemic tensions and contradictions are being felt and experienced across the US at many levels: societal, organizational, and individual. One way to understand, work though, and address some of the tensions that workers are experiencing is through “paradoxical thinking.” Paradoxical thinking helps to see on-going, unresolvable, contradictory tensions as forces that can fuel innovation and performance. Using a paradox lens, this paper was written to help make sense of the crises leaders and workers are experiencing as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on. The paper begins with a brief overview of the sources of data, the meaning of paradox, and illustrates five paradoxes experienced during the pandemic by providing information on the potential impact of COVID-19 on workers. Finally, empirically proven strategies for dealing with paradoxes are presented.


Leslie, J. B. (2021). Pandemic paradoxes and how they affect your workers. Center for Creative Leadership.

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