CCL Leadership Labs is an engine to create leadership development exercises

CCL Leadership Labs is our beta web application to facilitate leadership development exercises in a digital world. CCL has always favored experience-based development, and that’s why our programs are full of exercises and experientials. The CCL Leadership Labs beta app takes that approach to the digital age, and we have prioritized our popular card-based exercises and most popular surveys.

This digital tool will spice up your live online trainings, and make your leadership development programs more engaging, interactive and collaborative. You will also also be able to gather statistics and reports on the exercises.

Please note that while we are in beta we will only sell a limited number of subscriptions to the tool.

What you need

  • Hosts need a paying account to set up sessions and activities.
  • Participants (no limit) need only a browser and a session code or a link to join the exercise.
  • The tool works best on a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge Chromium, and is designed both for computer and mobile screens.

What you get

  • The subscription will give you access to one host account for 3 months. It will not automatically renew.
  • The tool is continuously updated based on feedback, and new exercises are regularly added.
  • Currently, the tool has the following digital card decks:
  • Currently, the tool has the following surveys:
    • DAC Survey (measure leadership as Direction-Alignment-Commitment)
    • Leader Versatility Index (do you act mostly as a Player, Coach, Manager or Leader)
    • Leadership Context Explorer (measure the context in which you are leading across 6 dimensions that make it more challenging)
  • Currently, the tool has the following types of exercises:
    • Select cards (and optionally order them)
    • Sort cards
    • Random cards
    • Random pair of cards
    • Learn from cards
    • Fill in a survey
  • You will have access to a private Microsoft Teams community with extra documentation on the card decks and exercises and tutorial videos and where you can ask questions and share your experience with the tool.
  • The tool comes with a library of 43 sample activities you can fully customize, and this library is continuously expanded.

Key resources:

CCL Leadership Labs tool overview