Have you ever wondered what changes leaders plan to make after attending a CCL program? Analysis of comments from over 23,000 CCL participants revealed that participants most frequently report changes that will impact the groups they lead (61% of all comments). For example, they will change the way they communicate and listen to their team. This is followed by changes that impact themselves as leaders individually (22% of all comments), such as changing resilience practices. Finally, 12% of all comments report changes that have an impact at the organizational level, such as culture change.

When inspecting all comments regardless of level of impact, the two areas of changes that stand out as the most reported are communication & listening skills (22% of all comments) and feedback (20% of all comments). The third most reported type of change is Direction, Alignment, Commitment (6.5% of all comments) and the fourth is Managing Relationships (5.4% of all comments).