Marcia A. Dawkins, CCL Senior Research Scientist, was invited by the Wonderful Company to deliver an in-person session for senior leaders on creating a culture of foresight. Her session, entitled “Perceptive Acumen: 5 Leadership Trends for 2023” incorporated a trendspotting experiential, bingo game, and emotional journey across research trends for a high-impact learning experience. She introduced organizational leaders to 5 key leadership trends based on CCL’s own research: Trustworthy Communication, Economic Recession and Emerging Leadership, Grief, AI and General-Purpose Tech, and Collaboration. She concluded with immediate actionable insights and tips for further developing perceptive acumen in key business contexts. Leaders walked away with a greater understanding of critical leadership topics, copies of key CCL research, and an invitation to stay connected to upcoming research.

Aside from uncovering the latest leadership trends, Marcia is particularly interested in strategic organizational communication and strategic foresight methods to prioritize leadership trends for action.