Many organizations have signaled their commitment toward equity, diversity, and inclusion. However, not all companies know how to cultivate EDI or why it is important. Two CCL employees—Mary Abraham and Stephanie Wormington—weave together research evidence, real-life client examples, and concrete action steps to help organizations on their journey toward inclusive and equitable culture change.

Both research and real-life examples highlight important points for organizations seeking culture change, including:

  • Cultivating a culture of EDI matters for retaining committed, energized, and resilient employees.
  • Changing your culture requires changing your actions, including reviewing and revising policies with an eye toward inclusion.
  • Sustainable culture change must also involve all employees, collectively learning and working together to shift processes, behaviors and attitudes.
  • Organizations can set the stage for culture change by ensuring equitable access, embracing differences, enlisting managers, and extending meaningful opportunities to promote EDI.