This infographic presents findings from evaluation data collected between 2021-2023 in the Better Conversations Every Day Program. The evaluation data consists of surveys collected upon program completion from 1,341 leaders across 235 programs. We see that leaders found the experience to be highly valuable. Specifically, 99% were satisfied with their experience, 99% formed meaningful connections with other leaders, and 100% are able to apply what they learned in their job.

Further, when asked what was most helpful about the program, three top themes emerged. The first theme was the program design. Leaders appreciated how they learned skills and then had immediate opportunities to practice. The second theme was participant interactions. They had opportunities to meet and connect with other leaders, and learn from different perspectives. Finally, they appreciated the coaching they received from program facilitators.

When leaders were asked to specifically indicate what changes they would make as a result of this program, they provided a broad range of examples. These examples included being a better listener, empowering others, and giving more feedback to direct reports and other colleagues.

Key takeaways? Better Conversations Every Day is a highly valuable and practical program for leaders who want to improve their communication skills and drive an environment of human-centered leadership.