This infographic presents findings from CCL’s 2022-2023 study on the impact of its executive coaching programs. Feedback from 240 experienced leaders revealed measurable improvements across key aspects of leadership effectiveness. Specifically, 98% increased their overall leadership capability, 95% boosted job performance, 96% drove greater business success, and 92% strengthened their ability to lead under pressure.

These data also show the top goals coaches helped leaders to achieve – enhanced self-management, communication, and strategic vision. Participant quotes display the wide-ranging improvement leaders gained, from improving wellbeing to advancing influencer aptitude.

Key takeaways? Investing in coaching delivers multi-faceted benefits that transform proficient leaders into high-impact leaders ready to excel in challenging times.

To learn more about how CCL coaching develops better leaders, read How Coaching Creates Better Leaders: Exploring the Role of Psychological Capital. Your organization’s potential awaits.