Leading teams can be challenging. In this blog, learn about the questions CCL clients are asking about their teams and the answers our expert is providing.


In today’s organizations, teams are now where most of the work gets done. This doesn’t mean that being a team leader or team member has become any easier. In fact, we recently heard from our clients that they have several pressing questions about teams. Starting with the introductory video below, I invite you to learn about their questions and hear some evidence-based answers.

Introducing the Ask the Expert Series on Teams

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How does a team build trust and confidence among its team members while working virtually?

Building trust in virtual teams can be challenging. Check out the video and infographic for a couple ways to build relationships in virtual teams.

How can we encourage casual, unplanned interactions while working remotely?

Working virtually can sometimes lead to team members feeling isolated. In this video and infographic, our experts discuss ways to recreate some of the encounters that team member miss often when not working in the office.

How do you get exceptional individual performers to embrace their role as a team member rather than focusing on their own goals?

Teams consist of both parts (i.e., the team members) and wholes (i.e., the group itself). Learn about how to bring the “parts” and “wholes” in your team into better alignment in this video and infographic.

How can I support teams that need to work together on a project, but may have competing goals?

Many organizations now rely on teams-of-teams to reach their objectives and execute their strategies. In this video and infographic, learn how to facilitate coordination among multiple teams.

How can team members who are very different work together, and still be successful?

Diversity provides teams with a reservoir of potential. In this video and infographic, learn about some approaches for making your team’s diversity its superpower.

How do you balance the dynamics of a team that is comprised of an equal mix of more tenured people and newly hired people?

Teams can sometimes fracture into subgroups. In this video and infographic, learn how to anticipate, and overcome, potential faultlines in your team.

Teams can often the be site of great innovations, more efficiencies, and stronger relationships. However, becoming an effective team, especially in today’s organization, often requires answering some thorny questions. I hope the videos and infographics included in this “Ask the Expert” blog can help you and your team achieve its greatest potential.