Today’s leadership demands— reconfiguring the workforce, solving supply chain problems, and responding to digital transformation require resilient leadership. Unfortunately, burnout, overwork, and stress are at extremely high levels. For over thirty years, understanding how to build resilient responses to stressful situations, both personal and work-related, has been a priority for CCL.


Most recently, Drs. Marian Ruderman, Cathleen Clerkin, and Katya Fernandez have gathered, curated, and simplified prevailing research about leadership resilience. Their new book, Resilience That Works: Eight Practices for Leadership and Life illuminates the research-based CORE (COmprehensive REsilience) framework used by CCL in many of our leadership development engagements. It explains how resilience practices can protect against burnout and dysfunction, offering an alternative to depletion. The authors argue 1) there is a tremendous need for resilience development in the leadership population and 2) there is lots of inaccurate information about how to respond to stressful situations. In this new book, they highlight eight research-supported practices associated with sustainable resilience. They talk about how to intervene in the downward spiral of stress by implementing behaviors that build strong resilience habits.


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