For decades, CCL Open Enrollment programs have provided transformational leadership development experiences to thousands of leaders. To gather valuable feedback on the post-program experience, we conducted a follow-up survey with 650 leaders, 8 weeks after the completion of their program.

When reflecting upon their program experience, leaders indicated that they are highly satisfied. An impressive 95% of participants are strongly inclined to recommend the program they attended to their peers, demonstrating a strong vote of confidence in its value. Furthermore, 93% of leaders believe that investing their time and effort in attending the program was worthwhile. These findings reinforce the impression these programs left on participants.

Remarkably, depending on the program, between 96% to 100% of leaders actively applied the knowledge and skills they acquired from the program. These numbers are a testament to the practicality and relevance of Open Enrollment programs.

Additionally, participants were also asked to reflect on the most significant change they experienced since completing their leadership development program. Their responses highlight transformative shifts in various areas, including communication and listening skills, feedback delivery and reception, heightened self-awareness, increased confidence, and the ability to develop others. A participant’s testimonial perfectly captures the profound impact: “I have grown in my confidence as an up-and-coming leader in my organization in many ways. The various tools I gained from my CCL course are worth their weight in gold and I have felt empowered ever since returning to my day-to-day work environment.”

Overall, the feedback from participants underscores the effectiveness and lasting impact of CCL’s programs in fostering leadership growth and development.