Established in 1997, IAIR is a professional interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the understanding and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research.
This article presents a framework for understanding leaders’ challenges across organizational levels. Equipped with this knowledge, CHROs can focus their leadership development initiatives on what matters most.
The blog, in, introduces three innovative techniques for tuning LDA topic model outputs.
The article, in Chief Learning Officer, highlights more than 10,500 Gen Z and millennials accounts of factors influencing their leadership and empowerment across 20 countries.
New CCL report examines the current state of Digital Leadership in Singapore and highlights the need for improved digital transformation management.
The research produced several recommendations for ways that government organizations can help new public service leaders make a smooth transition from the private sector, as well as skillsets and practices new leaders should consider and apply in their own practice.
Learn how employee engagement is defined and measured at CCL.
Moving from survival to strategic pivot post-COVID requires organizations to reflect, reset, and recalibrate. Learn how in this white paper.
The study focused on better understanding the relationships between vocal delivery (using the AI-informed, voice-analytic technology, VoiceVibes) and leader competencies (using 360 assessments) and two leadership outcomes: leader emergence and effectiveness.