CCL senior data scientist Sirish Shrestha was invited to attend an evening discussion with industry leaders to discuss the latest issues in AI and data science.
CCL Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Dave Altman, joins ILA Board.
In this post, David Altman shares how incrementalism theory by applying small changes in processes, technology, or resources can result in big changes.
CCL Researcher Diane Bergeron’s article discussing sex-biased measurement scales selected for SAGE Perspectives blog.
Stephanie Wormington is featured in a publication of the most productive early career scholars in educational psychology.
Among the topics discussed were gendered social roles, bias in organizational processes, women’s heavier caretaking burden (at work and at home), the myth of meritocracy, and actions steps for both individuals and managers.
CCL Researcher Diane Bergeron discusses how workplaces can better support bereaved employees and explains how the empathy-efficiency paradox can make bereavement difficult for grieving employees, managers and coworkers.
Working from home is now a part of many of our routines. Do these home working environments help close or widen socioeconomic inequalities? New research from CCL provides some intriguing findings.
Sometimes employees experience mixed feelings about whether they should go above and beyond their role and help out at work. This paper explores four ways employees respond to this ambivalence.